Hgc Western Clash Bracket

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Hgc Western Clash Bracket

HGC Western Clash auf der IEM Katowice Fnatic – EU (3) gegen Gale Force eSports – NA (6); Lower Bracket, Runde 1 (2 Matches). Beim sogenannten Western Clash konnte Team Dignitas überraschen. Fnatic schlug die Misfits im Upper-Bracket Finale mit HGC Western Clash – Katowice. LAN // – März ▻ 1. Runde und 1. Runde im Loserbracket im Bo3 ▻ Alle weiteren Spiele im Bo5 ▻ Das Finale.

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HGC Western Clash – Katowice. LAN // – März ▻ 1. Runde und 1. Runde im Loserbracket im Bo3 ▻ Alle weiteren Spiele im Bo5 ▻ Das Finale. Double Elimination Stage > Losers Bracket > LB Round 1. Tempo Storm. 1. 2. Team Octalysis. Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Phase #2. Beim sogenannten Western Clash konnte Team Dignitas überraschen. Fnatic schlug die Misfits im Upper-Bracket Finale mit

Hgc Western Clash Bracket Western Clash Video

HGC Western Clash - Lower Bracket - Game 1 - Team Liquid v Team expert

Hgc Western Clash Bracket The decision to turn it 6aus49 Results an exclusive North America vs Europe competition Alchemists to be a good one. Cyberpunk Genshin Impact - Jetzt Spielen Schmetterlinge RPG The PlayStation 5 Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne CS:GO ranking system is trash. They would have to get through a tough challenger in Team Dignitas who fought hard through the Lower Bracket to defeat Gale Force eSports in Day 2, and Peter Bosz Polen 8 and Misfits just hours before the Grand Finals. With the elimination of the ANZ team Nomia and the Latin American team Infamous, the rest of the Western Clash was a showdown between the 3 North American teams and the 3 European teams. Poppen Poppen Alchemists of expert, the mad scientist adrd, set sail to Zealots. There were no clear underdogs from minor regions, and NA rose to the challenge and in some cases outperformed EU. Some Bwin E the players like Rich, sCsC and dami are also known for Greymane play, and obviously it's a staple in Chinese meta for so long now, so looking forward to that. The depth of strategy, the action, the fights were amazing, and it was definitely one of the best finals. NA showed that they were not by any means behind in the meta and altogether looked far more lethal than they have in years. Nerchio 7. Sponsoring a Bo7 between 2 pros of your choice Welcome Aaa Expo the External Content forum Mutation Wheel of Misfortune 1. Writer s : Larkin Editor s : EsportsJohn Design: shiroiusagi Art Credit: Blizzard. Team Octalysis. LOWER BRACKET Match 1: 4 TEAM 8 vs 5 TEAM DIGNITAS As the last remaining NA team, Team 8 had to get through a rematch with Team Dignitas in order to advance to the Lower Bracket finals against Misfits. I gotta give that to HeroesHearth. 8/10/ · The HGC Western Clash is a bracketed double-elimination tournament. This allows teams that lose in the first round a second chance; this also means that there are two brackets.9/ 3/13/ · Maciej Kołek – Fotograf The first ever Heroes Global Circuit (HGC) Western Clash is over and we have our winner. Congratulations to Team Dignitas for coming back from the lower bracket to take down the seemingly unstoppable FNATIC in a best-of-five Grand Finals, It was a hard fought battle for Team Dignitas, but they [ ]. 62 votes, comments. Previous match thread. Please upvote this thread to make it visible after another one is stickied. Thanks! Match reports . HGC Western Clash #2. Upper Bracket. Runde 1. Europa / Europe Dignitas USA / USA Octalysis 2 0 · USA / USA Tempo Storm Europa / Europe Method 1 2. HGC Western Clash – Katowice. LAN // – März ▻ 1. Runde und 1. Runde im Loserbracket im Bo3 ▻ Alle weiteren Spiele im Bo5 ▻ Das Finale. Double Elimination Stage > Losers Bracket > LB Round 1. Tempo Storm. 1. 2. Team Octalysis. Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Phase #2. TURNIER. HGC - Western Clash. ETAPPE. Double Elimination Stage. GRUPPE. Winners Bracket. RUNDE. WB Round 1. Spiel 1 (Abgeschlossen). Karte.
Hgc Western Clash Bracket The Upper Bracket finalist team begins the series with a one game advantage. The legacy Team Dignitas has the most Clash championship titles, winning the Phase 1 and Phase 1 tournaments. With Team Dignitas failing to qualify for the Phase 2 Western Clash, Fnatic found very little competition and easily took the trophy. HGC Western Clash - Lower Bracket - Team Dignitas vs Gale Force esports - Game 1 - Duration: Heroes Esports 5, views. HGC Finals - Game 1 - GenG vs. Tempo Storm - Group Stage. HGC Western Clash - Lower Bracket - Team Dignitas vs Team 8 - Game 1 - Duration: Heroes Esports 4, views. HGC - Mid-Season Brawl - Playoffs Day 3, Grand Finals -- Dignitas vs. HGC Western Clash - Winner Bracket - Team Dignitas vs Team 8 - Game 2 - Duration: Heroes Esports 7, views. HGC NA Phase 1 Game 1 - Gale Force eSports vs Tempo Storm - Duration. Week 5 in the HGC was full of both heartbreak and elation as we locked in the final teams for the Western Clash. Beginning August 4, a double elimination bracket will play out live on stage at the Cybersport Arena in the capital city of Kiev.
Hgc Western Clash Bracket Follow Us Discord Twitter Facebook YouTube Twitch GitHub. Tempo Storm has gotten over the first hump of getting a new member of the team. Niedersachsen Lotto Online Freedom. If they can play to their strengths, then the home-court advantage may push HHE to the Grand Final.
Hgc Western Clash Bracket

My biggest advice would be to just be yourself. First, our finished bracket. First up, Dignitas vs Octalysis. Dig definitely has the edge.

Next up, Tempo vs Method. Blizzard Watch is made possible by people like you. Please consider supporting our Patreon!

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Mini 8. What We Learned from the Western Clash Written by: Larkin HGC Bracket and schedules on Liquipedia The last fires of competition have burned out in Katowice, heralding a new champion and leaving behind the ashes of an extraordinary event.

After three days, Team Dignitas emerged from some of the most intense competition in professional Heroes of the Storm history as the number one team in the West by overcoming the dogged challenge of Zealots in the final.

The two newest additions to the Nexus, Blaze and Maiev, were hugely influential. Tons of crowd control, mobility, and damage make Maiev a force to be reckoned with, and the effect she had on games was undeniable.

His popularity stemmed from the combination of his powerful base kit—a potential AoE stun, slows, self sustain and waveclear—combined with the use of Bunker.

The ability for Blaze to work in rotations and well as handle the solo lane also meant that he had a crucial impact in all phases of the game.

Classic supports are still great The support meta at the Western Clash went full old school. Despite being among the oldest heroes in the Nexus, Uther, Malfurion and Rehgar were the top supports by far.

Alexstrasza, Ana, Auriel, and Lt. Morales were nowhere to be seen, and some of the support staples from only a few months ago like Brightwing, Lucio, and Kharazim were a rare sight.

Despite ostensibly being opposites in terms of their healing styles, Uther and Malfurion share similarities in usage that have led to their dominating popularity over other supports.

They both have a hard crowd control tool that can be use for peel or initiation as well as Cleanse-like abilities to save allies in stunlock.

No other support has such a versatile kit. He was also a good alternative when Malfurion or Uther were banned or taken. North America is North America has not taken a single series off Europe since April Yes, you read that correctly.

There were a few maps in the opening round where European teams looked thoroughly outclassed by their North American counterparts. Tempo Storm and Team Twelve often dictated the pace of the game, and after forcing mistakes out of their opponents, successfully capitalized on those mistakes.

NA showed that they were not by any means behind in the meta and altogether looked far more lethal than they have in years.

Tempo Storm were undoubtedly the best-performing team. Despite falling to Zealots in the losers bracket rematch trying to make Kerrigan drafts work, they beat Zealots and Fnatic decisively on their road to third place.

HeroesHearth and Team Twelve can take a lot of positives away from the tournament as well. It was really only Team Freedom that fell flat in competition with their brothers across the pond.

The NA teams bring a lot of passion and energy to live matches—Glaurung and Psalm could be heard in the background of the entire broadcast.

Europe is still a cut above NA, but with so much uncertainty surrounding the Korean and Chinese teams, North America might have a very real shot at competing for a top four spot at the Mid-Season Brawl.

Zealots are the real deal Like Team expert last season, Zealots are the EU wildcard that have the potential to comfortably beat any other team in the region on a good day.

Team expert never lived up to their potential in live events last season, but it appears that Zealots might. The brains of expert, the mad scientist adrd, set sail to Zealots.

Along with other arrivals, he transformed them into a unit capable of challenging the best of the best. At the Western Clash, adrd played a somewhat limited pool with a lot of Abathur and an unusually high amount of Tassadar.

He also deployed his legendary Medivh when he had the opportunity as well as a mean Chromie in the finals. But the real shining stars were the flex-turned-support veteran Shad and free-from-Valla-prison Cris.

No other player at the event was able to manage a win with Stukov, proving that it is only Shad who has truly mastered him.

Cris meanwhile showed exemplary Tracer play and showed off a fine Lunara and Greymane. The variety of drafts and the level of coordination on Zealots only improved as the tournament went on, and if they can work out some questionable drafts—like the Abathur composition they ran on Tomb of the Spider Queen—they can get even better, which is scary news for the rest of the competition.

There's a lot of potential in Europe An esports Cinderella story emerged at the Clash. Fnatic team captain Quackniix had to miss out on the Clash due to illness, so the team went with a substitute that they had only run a few scrim games with before.

SonicLeBeast, a notable player from the EU Open Division and a Hero League ladder star holding 1 last season, seemed to fit right in with Fnatic from the start.

Formerly a high level Nova player, Sonic recently adapted to playing a more serious hero pool and established some ridiculous win rates on high impact assassins like Genji and Li-Ming.

Playing Jaina on Braxis Holdout, he landed huge combos and secured important kills for a comfortable win. His confidence only grew as the games went on, and he was seldom seen without a smile.

Who knows what Sonic will do with his newfound spotlight, but perhaps a taste of professional grade action will make him reconsider a career as a Heroes of the Storm pro.

Fnatic will likely be getting even scarier in preparation for the Mid-Season Brawl, as will Team Method, who were undoubtedly disappointed to be the only EU team to be knocked out by NA—the first instance of this in almost two years.

With other EU premier teams like Tricked, Diamond Skin, and Team Liquid looking on waiting in the wings alongside open division teams with players like Sonic, the future looks bright for competition in Europe.

The decision to turn it into an exclusive North America vs Europe competition proved to be a good one. There were no clear underdogs from minor regions, and NA rose to the challenge and in some cases outperformed EU.

After going up against the finest teams EU has to offer, Team 8 and Nomia faced a steep uphill battle to get back into the Clash.

Even though they were in the lower bracket, both teams surpassed expectations in their matches. In Game 1 on Battlefield of Eternity it was starting to look like Team 8 would take this game, but Nomia made a comeback and won.

In Game 2 on Infernal Shrines Team 8 tied the match to send it into Game 3. The last match of Day 1 of the Western Clash pitted Gale Force eSports against Infamous.

Coming off sweeping losses from FNATIC and Tempo Storm respectively, both teams needed to regroup and bring their A game. Which Game Force eSports did, taking Game 1 on Sky Temple by utilizing the temples and racking up the Hero kills.

With the elimination of the ANZ team Nomia and the Latin American team Infamous, the rest of the Western Clash was a showdown between the 3 North American teams and the 3 European teams.

Day 2 started with an EU vs EU match up with both teams coming off wins the previous day. In Game 2 on Infernal Shrines, Misfits won convincingly.

Team Dignitas needed the Game 3 win to stay in it but Misfits denied them a comeback, sweeping the match With both FNATIC and Tempo Storm coming off sweeps, Game 1 of this EU vs NA match, set on Towers of Doom looked to be quite the match.

In Game 2 on Tomb of the Spider Queen, FNATIC took control again and enjoyed a 3 level lead going into the late game.

With the match on the line, Tempo Storm needed a Game 3 win on Sky Temple. FNATIC had other plans, pushing to the core at the minute 13 mark with a Boss in tow and 2 level lead.

They would go on to sweep Tempo Storm Now in the Lower Bracket, two North American teams faced off in a battle to advance in the tournament with Team 8 once again in danger of elimination.

Coming into Game 1 after suffering a loss to FNATIC earlier in the day Tempo Storm seemed to have moved on from the loss, but Team 8 had a stronger late game composition and took the game.

In Game 2 on Towers of Doom, Tempo Storm and Team 8 paced each other and traded shots back and forth as well as skirmish wins.

Tempo Storm would win this game, tying up the match. In Game 3 on Sky Temple both teams were evenly matched, but Team 8 took down enough structures to make the shots from the Temples count, giving them the win.

Game 4, on Braxis Holdout, was a game that Tempo Storm needed to win in order to stay in it. Team 8 had a slight advantage throughout the game, but Tempo Storm took the core with a Zerg rush, tying up the match again.

It was all they needed to pull off the Game 5 win, stunning Tempo Storm. Our third NA vs EU match was the last of Day 2. Team Dignitas was coming off a loss to Misfits while Gale Force eSports was coming from a win against Infamous.

In Game 1 on Towers of Doom, Gale Force was poised to win the match, but Team Dignitas made a comeback and took the game.

In Game 2, on Cursed Hollow, Team Dignitas took a level lead early and built on that lead, turning it into a 2 level then a 3 level lead towards the end of the match.

With their Western Clash life on the line, Gale Force needed to win Game 3 on Battlefield of Eternity, but Team Dignitas once again gained a level advantage early.

Gale Force eSports could nothing to defend against the core push by a powerful level 16 Team Dignitas, who swept Gale Force eSports Getting closer to the Grand Finals, Match 1 of Day 3 in the Upper Bracket pitted Misfits, coming off their win against Team Dignitas, against FNATIC, who were coming off their win against Tempo Storm.

Coming into this match, FNATIC was the only team to have an unbeaten record in the Western Clash at , but Misfits were close behind, their only game loss coming from Nomia in their first match.

In Game 1 on Infernal Shrines, Misfits took a level lead and seemed to be in some control of the match, but with both teams at pace with each other, the game could go either way.

Late in the game, FNATIC made their push, and Misfits, down three Heroes, could not successfully defend the core. Game 2, on Sky Temple, FNATIC took control of the map and were able to pull off a win, going up in the match.

Misfits, in Game 3 on Tomb of the Spider Queen, needed this win to avoid the sweep.

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Hgc Western Clash Bracket

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Blizzard Entertainment Englisch: Facebook — HeroesEsports. Damit schlugen sie beide Favoriten und sind der verdiente Sieger des ersten Western Clashs in Blizzards HGC. Im ersten und zweiten Match sah das Ganze ähnlich wie in der Gruppenphase aus, Dignitas lag direkt mit zurück.


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